LEGO Digital Designer 4.3


Instead of an app of the week, I would like to review a wonderful free downloadable software from LEGO.  The LEGO Digital Designer 4.3 would be a great addition to any school desktop.  For the creative design of prototypes or just to support building units in curriculum, this free software is super for the K-12 classroom.  There are downloads available for both Apple and PC products and the response time for designing is quite fast.

Designs can be saved in a gallery and modified and presented for assessment.  Instead of missing just the right piece, all the building units are available in an infinite number.  Also both structures and vehicles can be build.  This software presents an opportunity for students to work with a real design software package but with something quite familiar to most kids.

It is hard to say anything bad about this software, unless, of course, is that getting some students to stop designing may be a problem. The original development of the application was in 2004 so the graphics are a bit simple but that doesn’t take away from the design possibilities.

It’s a LEGO product, and for the most part, always dependable and sturdy – even if it is software.


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