Creativity and Design Thinking – A Playlist

Following links highlighted in a recent email subscription led to a wonderful playlist for K-12 teachers about creativity, design thinking and making.  John Spencer is an academic with a background in the trenches of middle school teaching.  He also writes a blog and instructions for maker task development and his playlist on YouTube is fun and engaging.


The playlist begins with The LAUNCH Cycle, a new framework and vocabulary for Design Thinking.  It has much in common with the IDEO Design Thinking snapshot but elaborates on some of the steps more completely.


One of the most interesting videos is “Maker Projects and Design Challenges” that compares the two, pointing out differences when it comes to adapting them to curriculum and to a classroom situation.  This comparison is something I always think about when I am planning a task but is so hard to explain to others.

Each video averages about one and a half minutes.  His animations are interesting.  Videos could be used, initially, for Professional Development to introduce the ideas to teachers and staff and then some could be introduced in the classroom to engage students in the design or making process.

Take a look a John Spencer and his Creative Classroom.  A great start to integrating design thinking and making into your school or classroom.



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