Autodesk – STEAM Apps

Recently, Autodesk  released a series of three STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) apps for the ipad that can be used in a middle or high school setting.  Each one contains great foundation information for student designers. The first app I downloaded is Visual Design. Divided into Elements and Principles, Visual Design acts as an interactive text with definitions, in word and picture, and a Learn More area for further information and examples.  This app would give any student a foundation of terms to begin any design work. STEAM Applied Measurement gives students a framework of measurement with many examples.  While not as thorough as some apps, it will show students the relevance of measurement within the design process.  Spending time with this app helps a student imagine the context of measurement their design works within. STEAM Applied Mechanics is the most fun of these three apps.  Through interactive games, five foundation concepts (Energy and Work, Force, Power, Loading, and Mechanisms) of mechanical engineering are taught to students to further enrich their design experience. I am a fan of the well designed apps that are produced by Autodesk.  This is a company that caters to post secondary users but also sees the benefit in training pre-university students in the ways of STEAM.  Along with the website, Autodesk Design Academy, teachers and students have various ways to learn the design basics to tackle real world projects in engineering, science, math, technology and the arts. And the apps are free.  Give them a try.  Introduce your class to these apps and see where the learning takes you.