Making at the Doucette

And the pieces of our Maker Space are finally coming together just in time for students to return.

The mindset to adopt this type of teaching into our library experience is certainly in place. To showcase and involve students in the creation of higher order thinking task design, they must experience the process and outcome of doing such tasks.

The Craftsmen workbench was the first Maker task that staff attempted and successfully made all the pieces fit, wheels, handles and all.  Within the drawers of our Maker Space are littleBits, MaKey-MaKey, Arduino and FisherTechnik building kits.  Added, in time, are the craft and “found” pieces that can be included in the task building maker experience.

Students collaborate on the design of tasks, linking curriculum to questions.  Students are looking to push learners to explore, experiment, construct, and re-visit their designs.  Embedded in this problem-solving is the deep learning resulting from trial and error.

1970-01-06 15.17.28

Now the crucial ingredient in the task will be the design thinking that works between the time the question is posed and the prototype is developed.  Look for more information  about design thinking in the next post.

.1970-01-06 15.18.17

In the meantime, come build with Lego to get your creative juices working.