Osmo for Ipad

Osmo is a set of interactive games to add to your iPad.  With the use of the camera installed in the iPad, a stand, and a small mirror device, an iPad becomes a reflective surface for 3 free Osmo apps.

With a Canadian retail price of $100, it would be a great addition for school age children who spend time with an iPad anyway.

Tangram works with the shapes that come with the Osmo kit to help children build various tangrams.  A child works through levels to achieve dexterity choosing shapes to match the image on the screen.  Need a clue, Tangram shows hands placing the shapes to help you along. imgres

Words is the app that works alongside the letters contained in the Osmo kit.  From a series of photographs, a child must spell the word implied by the picture.  Not as easy as it sounds sometimes.  Challenging and interesting.

Newton is the third app in the Osmo series and the most engaging in my opinion.  Set a blank piece of paper in front of the on-screen Newton app and look for the target.  Draw on the paper the lines you plan to direct the balls to hit the target.  It was very fun to find out what works and what doesn’t.

I just noticed a fourth app associated with Osmo called Masterpiece.  It was released today so I will review it soon.  This relatively small kit has some growth potential.  A stand and reflector that is easy to set up and many activities to challenge any child from ages 5 to 11.  I’m predicting as more apps appear on the scene, the age range will also grow.  Masterpiece is a drawing app that may have greater appeal to students up to 15.

Look for more innovations from this creative team of inventors.


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