Kids are Kids!

Just a quick update since I am in Alberta and there has been an enormous natural disaster and, like all Albertans, we all feel the need to give back when something goes terribly wrong.

The people in the know here at the University saw the potential to provide some services for the evacuees that are being housed here.  First we offered books for kids since our library is aimed at undergraduate teachers.  Those were greatly appreciated.

The one thing most of the kids need, though, is some time with someone else, doing something else.  When we were invited to offer story time in an area where the kids would IMG_0924[1]

be finishing breakfast we could not refuse. And the first day we took puppets! Did we read stories? Sort of.  Did we have a ton of fun? Yup.  The second day, we actually did read stories.  Elephant and Piggie became interactive, active and thoroughly enjoyable.

So, sometimes you just need time and low tech solutions to some very terrible events.  Kids are kids, whether they are from Fort MacMurray or anywhere else.  And they love a great story!


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