You Better Get Used to It!

Classrooms can no longer be technology-free zones.  Students are immersed in technology. It probably wakes them up in the morning and is the last thing they check before they go to bed.

Embedding technology into your classroom gives teachers and students opportunities that they would never have imagined.  Having tablets, phones and other technology as classroom constants opens doors to many learning options we simply didn’t have even five years ago.

Students learn by doing and not always by listening. Having technology that they are familiar with in your classroom allows them to experiment with gathering knowledge and using it.  Using phones and tablets, laptops and apps, leads to some deeper learning given the right learning and teaching environment.

Teachers are in the most privileged position to model and monitor proper digital etiquette.  Making sure students understand what their own digital footprint looks like is a pivotal skill to acquire in today’s learning environment.

Creating projects that embrace the current technology acknowledges the easy access to information that students have and challenges teachers to guide them to deeper learning experiences.  Taking and curating information is a lifelong skill and added to the ability to use that information to create new learning is essential to every student.

Digital literacy is as important as the other literacies in a classroom.  It is relevant, present and changing but essential to include in today’s classroom.

So…you better get used to it!



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