App of the Week – Update Mix on Pix


Cost: Free until May 8, 2016

Updated: April 27, 2016

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 35.5 MB

In-app Purchases

On the advice of Francois Robert (see the comments from yesterday’s blog), who kindly suggested the Mix on Pix app by Pixtolab, I will review it as an upgrade or more versatile app than A+Signature.

I did really like the simplicity of A+Signature but many digital natives would like more fonts, more borders and more variety in typography.

And Mix on Pix is free until Mother’s Day, just like A+Signature.  And you know how I love a free app.

Mix on Pix certainly gives you more choices in the amount and way you add more information to your photos, especially attractive in the middle and high school environments where students are immersed in social media.  “Mix texts, quotes, artwork, handwritings, drawings and much more.” Again, as a teacher, you have a great opportunity to show various uses for photography as part of the learning process, images as metaphors, and how to have a respectful digital footprint.

The second screen as you enter the app shows you possibilities including video tutorials and a FAQs in the “How to” screen.  I very much like the video tutorials for visual learners because it shows ways to create embellished images that give you more than just a simple overall listing of words.  The first video visually captures many possibilities.

As I have been maintaining from the beginning of this blog, embracing the technology that the students are using will reward you with engagement and great opportunities to meet them where they are comfortable.

Use A+Signature or Mix on Pix depending on the age and digital knowledge of your students and enjoy the outcomes.  These images remain a great way to capture student progress in any unit.

And thank you, Francois Robert for your comments and further information.

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