App of the Week – Popplet Lite


Cost: Free

Version: 2.1

Category: Student Productivity

Size: 2.6 MB

Mind mapping has become a great way for students individually or in a group to put their thinking process down on paper or, in this case, digitally within an app.  Brainstorming singly or in a group allows students to bring forth many ideas about a problem or a research topic.  Mind mapping is the synthesis of this brainstorm.  A student can record many of the ideas that are important from the brainstorm session and follow them with links in Popplet to show their thinking process.  Using text, drawing or photos a pobble (or information box) can be generated to fit into the subject area.


This simple popplet shows photos and text in pobbles and a very linear approach to the information that is captured.


Here more complex mind mapping includes ideas and secondary information to elaborate on each idea.

Use this with students from grade 2 to 12 to work individually or with groups to articulate important ideas for each research topic or problem.  Deciding on the priority of this information helps them to express concrete ideas to solve a problem or to tell a story.


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