App of the Week – Mystery Math Museum



Category: Mental Math

Cost: 4/3/10 AppsGoneFree or $3.49Cdn

Version: 1.3

Size: 399 MB (very big)

I don’t usually endorse gaming apps but this one reinforces mental math skills that will help students, especially in the elementary grades.  This app is pretty cool in that you collect numbers that will help you solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions.  When you answer correctly, you get to move into other rooms in one of eight museums.  Kids would be delighted with the various images and scenes in each room.  There are fireflies that you allow to escape and gold coins to collect for artwork in your gallery. Clicking on gallery portraits in the museum also gets you some additional information not related to math.

While not a creative or educational app, Mystery Math Museum is somewhere for students to spend some time, having some fun, and practicing their mental math equations.

For parents and teachers who have students who need practice on these math facts, let them have a go at Mystery Math Museum.  It is Parent’s Choice Award Winner and is the sequel to Mystery Math Town.  Beware, however, at 399 MB, this is a very large app.


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