Who do you follow?


As the adoption of educational technologies increases in the K-12 classroom, information about best practice is sometimes hard to find.  There are a few dependable blogs that I use for information on a regular basis.  These educators embed technology, sometimes effortlessly, into the environment in which they work.

The Unquiet Librarian is a high school librarian in Georgia.  The real world examples of her use of technology in the high school setting shows that a little innovation leads to a whole bunch of engagement.   Following this blog is an excellent way to try technology in your classroom without running a big risk.  Buffy Hamilton works through the lesson and the outcome and summarizes how the technology was successfully used within the lesson.

The Innovative Educator, Lisa Nielson, takes on a big picture role.  As an educator, how do you use social media, cell phones or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to your advantage?  She takes her own experience and marries it to recent research and writes about common questions educators have about adopting emerging technology into their classrooms.  I like the personal mixed with the research to help look at how successful some educational technologies would be in specific classroom settings.

The Library Voice written by Shannon McClintock Miller was very interesting until she became “branded.”  Not in the Alberta sense of branded but in the educational technology sense.  Ms. Miller became very marketable so companies seem to be using her blog for advertising.  In the older posts, she used Twitter on iPads in the library to encourage students to tweet out their learning and share it with their parents during dinner.  The students at Van Meter School loved to Skype with authors, use the fixed and flexible maker space stations, blog, tweet and Instagram.  I learned a considerable amount from the older posts but I notice now I am visiting less often.

Kristen Wideen of Windsor, Ontario, Canada is the queen of adapting technology for her elementary classroom. This woman has no fear.  She integrates iPads seamlessly into curriculum and her students look totally engaged, all the time, on their YouTube channel, in blog posts, everywhere.  Does this woman sleep?

Not all blogs are created equal and not all are worthy of a following but check out a few and see what appeals to you.  Some of the best hands-on experience of educators is written about in blog posts now.  Notice that two of the blogs with great information are librarians who are also educators.  In some school environments, the person who adopts technology and offers a place and expertise for it is in the library.


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