App of the Week – ThingLink


Cost: Free

Version: 3.3.1

Size: 13.5

Category: Photo and Video

This app is fun to work with and could be useful in a classroom as another tool for students to display their learning. While I was investigating this app, I downloaded a photo from my photo library of a recent learning opportunity in the Library focused on Bridge Building. In less than 5 minutes, I had added 3 links to the photo to explain various areas of interest.  In two of the boxes, I added text to bring attention to hand-outs and links to curriculum.  My third link was to a bridge building YouTube video.

Text links appear as red and white target icons and the YouTube link appears as a white triangle within a red circle.  Although you wouldn’t miss any of the icons, they are not hugely distracting from the photo.  In this free version, up to 5 links can be added.  These links, along with the photo, would be an adequate amount of information from a student for an assessment of learning.

Tutorials are available from the website and also on YouTube.  Students from grade 2 to middle school would find it a very easy and approachable app and would have quick success at including information as part of the photo.  This blogpost shows teachers the potential use for photos and videos as a backdrop to ThingLink.

While ThingLink is not a great learning experience for students, it is another way for them to display their learning using embedded technology.  Another tool in the toolbox.


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