SeeSaw App for Classrooms

SeeSaw can be accessed on-line as a website or on a portable Apple device as an app.


Cost: Free

Size: 79.0 MB

Version 3.0.1, updated January 26, 2016

This interesting app allows teachers to create a class list within the app and have students upload or capture work they have been doing and to further reflect on the process.  Once an artifact of learning is captured by photo and put into the students work folder, reflections on the photo can be recorded through the microphone, texted or written onto the artifact photo.  This allows students (even very young students) to independently document their learning.  Students can share what they are learning in school with teachers and parents.  SeeSaw folders become digital portfolios of learning.

The most recent version of SeeSaw includes the capacity for a classroom blog.  Here the blog is written by students and teachers and can be closely monitored.  Writing the blog within the SeeSaw environment creates a safe environment to record classroom news and events without some of the larger privacy concerns of public domain blogs.

All-in-all SeeSaw for classrooms and the optional parent app are recommended as a way for students to create an on-going portfolio of learning and perhaps to create a classroom blog.

Exposing students to social media in this format can allow for beginning discussions about being a responsible digital citizen and the right to privacy of each student.  I would use this app in the K-4 classroom.


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