App of the Week – Shutterfly Photo Story



Version 2.2.3

Size 283MB

Shutterfly Photo Story has a variety of uses in the classroom.  I think it will appeal to a number of students and teachers who would like a new way to present the information they are gathering or the stories they are writing.   Why not make a book?  Not only can you include photos, words and doodles in your book but you can add an audio component as well.

Because of the clear menus on each page, students as young as grade 2 can develop a very interesting book prototype within the app.  This app was made for digital storytelling.  It could be used at the beginning of the year as a project to introduce each student, as a year long project filled with learning each student is doing, or it could be based on individual or group research done on a specific curriculum unit.

Books can be saved as works in progress and worked on through to a final due date.  Teachers like Theresa Eckler used Shutterfly in her classroom with great results.

Of course, not all books need to be published but it can be an option for students who may want to invest in their own book.  Teachers would need to access work on an ongoing basis and tech mentors within the classroom can help troubleshoot students’ problems.

It’s a free download so you may want to try it out yourself, keeping in mind the many ways it may be an additional presentation tool within your classroom.



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