Sphero Sprk and Coding

Okay, Sphero Sprk is a ton of fun, just on its own, without the learning and coding part.


So my advice is when you get one (or 25) for your classroom is to just let the students experiment with the various apps and the robot for a couple of days.  It will settle down after a week or two.  Maybe.

Initializing the Sprk with your ipad is the first step and I started by pairing my Sprk to someone else’s MacBook who happened to be in the library so my advice for pairing is to read ALL the instructions.

There are 5 apps that I downloaded to facilitate the use of the Sphero Sprk. The SPRK app helps to initialize the robot, pairing it to your ipad, and learning some simple coding information.  Use this one for the coding part.  Try some pre-written code in the sample programs and then try coding and adding some new programs. “Jump” was my favourite.

The SpheroCam app is very fun.  Using a “joystick” type controller on screen you can “drive” your robot and control its movement.

The Sphero app contains the game type format for Sphero Sprk but, while not being terribly educational, is so much fun.  For example, by Level 10, your Sphero Sprk has mastered the Hokey Pokey.

Sphero Draw&Drive and SpheroGolf also have many game-like qualities but are fun for the very young to learn how to manipulate the robot.

With the emphasis on having students experience some kind of code writing in elementary school, this robot affords this opportunity for a fairly reasonable price.  All in all, the total price for one would be about $200 Cdn.  Did I mention it flashes patterns of colours?  That is another programming part of the app.  Have fun.


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