App of the Week – Striding Bird


Striding Bird – “an interactive tale for kids, families and educators by Comicorp


Version: 1.8

Size: 49.2 MB

On the App Store Listing for Striding Bird, written over the screen shots are the words, “an original and inspiring story” and “dynamic and uniquely interactive pages.” Really?

Reviews for this e-book are fairly glowing except for mine.  Am I jaded? Have I seen too many e-books? I’m afraid I do expect more than this story, these graphics and this amount of interactivity.

The story is poorly written and didactic – not in a positive way.  I feel I have been hit over the head with meaning in this story. Bird wants something new, gets it, not as great as he thinks, sees someone worse off, counts his blessings.  I’m trying to think what to say about this story.  I don’t like it.  I don’t think kids will like it.

The graphics are old-school.  Even though Bird is “striding” the background seems to be moving right to left and the bird seems to be walking on a belt of some sort.  “Dynamic and uniquely interactive pages?” Click on the page and bugs fly up to the sky.  Not dynamic or even highly interactive.

Disappointing and not recommended.


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