App of the Week – Dinopedia by National Geographic


  • The Ultimate Dinopedia by National Geographic Society
  • Version 1.2.3
  • $5.79 Cdn
  • 542 MB
  • Grades 2-6

This app provides about as much dinosaur information as a body could want.  Divided into Meat Eaters and Plant Eaters, this app provides information dino-stats, fun facts and pronunciation guides.

Students can access encyclopedic knowledge of dinosaur experts all in one place.  The app allows for wonderful browsing opportunities and also research specifics. Instead of computer generated “photos,” pictures are “animations” of dinosaurs, pictured for relative size and some habitat.  Some bonus video is included that show computer animated dinosaurs in battle. “The Story” can be read to the student as well read by the student for research notes.

A big app for those concerned with space and a little expensive but the book would be more money.  All in all I would purchase this app for an elementary school.


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