Being a Maker Facilitator

Being a facilitator in a Maker Space is thrilling and scary, all at the same time.  One thing a teacher must let go of is the outcome.  Teachers like to see product.  They like to see an outcome, a right answer, a correctable result.  This end result is not always as expected in a Maker Space.

Although this concept is difficult for most teachers to let go of, there is a wonderful freedom in the unknown.  Assessment is ongoing, and results from the interactions that occur between facilitator and student, student and student, sometimes mentor and student, depending on who you have invited into your space.

The sticky part is the letting go.  Do you know what the outcome of this experiment is? Let the answer be “no” sometimes.  Tell your students you don’t know how it will work out and see them strive to provide you with an outcome.  Not knowing will result in a feeling of conspiracy between you and your students.  A class seldom has the luxury of learning along with the teacher.  Isn’t there an expectation, especially in elementary school, that the teacher knows ALL.

So, take you teacher hat off, put your facilitator goggles on and let loose.  See what happens.  Maybe there is no easy solution or no solution at all, but the authentic learning along the way will be worth the experience.



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