Apps of the Week – Worthwhile Mental Math Apps

  • imgres
  • Math Duel App
  • Version 2.1
  • $3.49
  • Ages 9-11
  • 9.0MB

Okay, don’t get all new math on me.  Sometimes a good dose of mental math is not a bad thing.  It is the foundation on which to build the other math skills.

Math Duel is just plain fun.  Your ipad appears in split screen to accommodate two players facing each other.  And the duel begins.  At any level you want… from pretty basic to pretty tough.  Test multiplication, addition, division and subtraction skills.  Time it! Make it competitive and we have ourselves a math duel.

Challenge yourself with these three mental math apps, all by the same company.  Again, there are many levels to challenge various students in all types of equations.  Each set of questions is timed and a student can move progressively into more difficult territory.  Once students have developed confidence with their own mental math skills, they continue to progress with more complex equations.  And they can figure out the tip at a restaurant for everyone else or separate the bills and add the tip.


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