“Evil Genius Hour”

Many schools and libraries in the United States created Genius Hours as part of their technology outreach time.  Although appealing, I wanted to attract the student who, while embodying genius, also has a high risk threshold.  Aren’t these some of the most interesting students? The ones who, not naming names, attach their LEGO Robot to as many sensors as a certain librarian will provide.

We have scheduled 3 “Evil Genius Hours” on consecutive Thursday afternoons. In the first week, we will be discovering what kind of genius gamers we have among our students.  In a collaborative setting, students will create a game, rules and all, and play it with their counterparts.

Week 2 will provide a Hot Wheels Challenge.  Remember the small metal cars with the giant orange loop-de-loop track? We will find out how to use new kits like MaKey-MaKey to engage students in some time/distance experiments.

Week 3 will experiment with a Survivor type challenge.  From ideating to prototyping, students will work through the process of design-thinking.

All of these workshops are aimed at learning how to imagine, design, construct, and innovate.  We will not be providing the answers but each learning experience will be just that – an experience. Hopefully students will replicate this experience in their own classrooms.



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