Green Screen Success!

As part of the interactive, hands-on, experiential learning collection our library is creating for the students of the Werklund School of Education, we purchased a Green Screen. Our purchase was a starter kit with a green, white, and black background, two lights with filters and all the framing to make everything stand up.  As you can see this was the extent of my knowledge at the time of the purchase.

It sounded like a cool idea to set it up and let it work it’s magic but our students were not present in the summer and my acting is not top-notch.  Opportunity knocked when the main university library agreed to host 80 grade 8 students from the nearby town of High River, Alberta.  What did we have to loose?  A few kids, a rodeo scenario, and a green screen.

Here is what we learned:  A green screen is one of the most fun kits to have in your library or Maker Space. We had 6 hand-picked (meaning students with an interest in Drama and the Arts) students and a variety of techie volunteers.

We learned that grade 8 students know about iMovie and green screens and are no strangers to script writing, advertising, and what sells on Social Media.

We learned that in order to successfully run a workshop with any technology or software that the most recent update of the software is a must for compatibility.  We used iPads with the iMovie app to capture the action and MacBooks with the most recent updates of iMovie to stream and edit the “movie.”

We ended up with a very short, very funny, very western commercial to invite all the family to come to the High River Rodeo.

As I have said before, sometimes you have to close your eyes and jump in with both feet.  You might even learn something.unnamedPartner!


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