Librarians on the Road – Part II – University of Alberta

We all felt a little envious of the Technologies in Education – Support and Solutions space at the University of Alberta.  Containing about 50 staff members including peer mentors, this space has many techie treats to experiment with and learn how to use.

Red Chair Sessions are held to give students quick ways to use various websites, apps, and Web 2.0 tools in their classrooms.  Instruction is given by peers and lasts a manageable 30 minutes in between classes.

Maker ideas are tried out and the results displayed to challenge students to try out maker strategies in their classrooms.

This staff wants students to learn about the latest technologies and try them out in this risk-free environment. The space and staff were both very welcoming.

Coutts Library at the University of Alberta  also offered some library spaces we could explore and learn from.  They have a wonderful puppet collection and encourage students to use it for their field experiences.

It is good to get out and see some other education spaces and how they use technology in the classroom to help undergraduate teaching students grow into tech-savvy teachers.

Osmo and ipad to try out!

Osmo and ipad to try out!


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