Makerspaces Today

Do you think you could convert your classroom to a makerspace today for, say, 30 minutes?  I would bet the toughest thing about the plan would be keeping it at 30 minutes.  Look around your classroom.  Use the recycling.  Do you have #Lego? K’Nex? Wooden blocks?

Making is not always about the technology you have. Sometimes, it is putting the discovery in the hands of your students.  Every curriculum year has many opportunities to replace the learning with some doing.

Learning by doing is where education is headed and most teachers already have put in place some of this type of lesson. Building bridges in grade 3 or classroom chemistry in grade 4 are both examples of some hands-on learning in the classroom.

Are you looking for a successful outcome? Yes, but, keep in mind that the outcome may be the experience and not the artifact.  Building a dream home out of recycling may be quite interpretive and need some talk time with the teacher to explain the vision.

Many students spend their creative time on-line with games like #Minecraft so, in the absence of a whole classroom set of technology, learning can become reality, replacing their virtual reality.


Give it a try! Many maker moments will be what students remember from their classroom time.


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