Connections to Education

The discussion about Arduinos, innovation, and changes in business was not, seemingly, education related.  As is sometimes the case, what is intrinsically connected in my mind, may not be apparent to others.

Dealing with real world solutions through authentic learning is the connection that can be made from The Maker Movement Manifesto to education.  If we are teaching students to go through the process of idea, design, making, re-design, and eventual invention, we must offer them opportunities to work through real life problems with credible solutions. The Maker Movement Manifesto cited many success stories where business’ R&D costs were a fraction of what they would have been 15 years ago. Now, we must prepare students for this new world of innovation.

Arduinos would be a great addition to a high school or even middle school makerspace where those born to be programmers would be challenged to invent with micro-controllers. Their knowledge would also make them an integral part of the maker community, teaching programming to other makers.

Engageimgresment in all levels of education is a desirable outcome of curriculum.   Educational spaces that contain inventories of materials used to create real world solutions to issues that students identify themselves would generate engagement at all levels.


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