Makerspace Materials, Part 3

In this third part of materials to include in your makerspace, I would like to focus on the “other” things.  Not technology. Not tools. But raw materials.

This part is easy.  Start with what you like to do.  For our makerspace, I know I can contribute yarn, craft supplies, fabric and even a few pieces of wood.  Cardboard from your recycling bin can be used for many things.  Pencils, markers, crayons, scissors and various “enhancing” tools should be included.

Having a variety of materials makes for easy, unlimited creating or making.  And does every maker artifact have circuits and technology? No. Start with what you know and like and go from there.

So start small. Add what you have.  Make a wishlist.  Document with photographs and journal writing what you are doing.  Voila! A makerspace is created and the sense of community will develop as students collaborate within the space.


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