Makerspace Materials, Part 2

In many of the makerspaces that I have been investigating, there is another level of materials added to the mix.  These maker materials are an integral part of the experience in addition to any technology tools that are in the space.

The inclusion of tools like a sewing machine, serger, small power tools and other hand tools would make for interesting inventing and design.  Wearable technology is named in the Horizon Report 2015 to be adopted in post secondary schools within two years.  Already we can see the increased popularity of Pebble watches, and FitBit accessories.  Students are curious about the design and innovative technology contained in these inventions.

Having various tools in a makerspace area encourages experimentation and design trials.  Equipping a space with a few power tools and a sewing machine adds creative possibilities to a library makerspace.  What about hands-on materials for creating artifacts?  Tune in next time for a selection of possible “consumables” for a makerspace.images


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