Makerspaces and Libraries

There is a natural relationship between makerspaces and libraries.  Libraries are places to investigate, wonder, study, peruse, browse, dream, and read.  Libraries on university campuses are used daily by students and faculty members to research, collaborate with others and fulfill requirements for courses.  The library becomes a natural meeting place and community within faculties on campus.

It seems like a natural progression to include some hands-on activities in the library.  Interactive libraries began with the introduction of user centered technology, assess to computers, printers and photocopiers. Now, why not continue to build the feeling of community in our libraries by including a makerspace.  Our education library would benefit from introducing our students to the Maker Movement.  Making will become another tool in their education toolbox to engage students in their own classroomshorizonreport2015.

Or are you a student who learns by doing or seeing?  There are many such students who experience learning rather than reading or talking about it. A makerspace allows learning to be a real experience where students are encouraged to work through problems by trial and error testing.  Learning as process and experience.

The Horizon Report 2015 for post secondary schools predicts makerspaces will be adopted into higher education campuses in two to three years.  We would love to be ahead of the curve.


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