Educators and Learning

The evolution of teaching is turning a sharp corner.  Recently, professional education literature is focusing on student-centered learning, project-based learning, and deeper thinking for students.  Instead of information being provided to students, they are expected to create questions, find information, and use the information to take their learning forward.  The experience of learning motivates many students to dig deeper into their studies to find answers.  Learning should be a challenge, a personal journey to satisfy one’s curiosity.  Are educators ready to provide an environment for such learning to take place?

The Doucette Library is ready to create an environment for teaching students to learn how to make learning personal.  A makerspace within the library to investigate, experiment, and design learning challenges will encourage students and instructors to experience learning as they would in a modern classroom.  Is there a lecture, an assignment, a mark?  Perhaps the joy of learning will motivate the pursuit of answers. Students who experience learning by doing will try to duplicate this atmosphere in their own classrooms.  We are on the cusp of great learning for instructors, students and the students who benefit from our graduates.

Students and instructors can model a new learning experience for classes and schools.  It really does not even have to be all technology based but it should involve pushing a student’s learning to its limits.  Wouldn’t you love to experience learning by doing?creativity


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