Class Dojo App and Behaviour

ClassDojo is exactly the kind of app that would not be a good fit in most classrooms. This app is advertised as a “behaviour management tool” to be used in elementary school classrooms.  It will apparently “motivate” students to behave in a way agreed on by the adults in the room.  Points can be added for “good” behaviour and subtracted for well, you know…


Student points are displayed on the interactive whiteboard for all to see.  Parents are allowed access by password to see points added and subtracted in a day.

It is very important for children to go to school and behave in a way they feel at that time.  They are away from parents and are expected to act within the parameters set by the class and the teacher.  Building a great relationship with each of your students is essential to promote behaviour and engagement.  Tapping a subtraction point on an app does not communicate what the expectations are or how a student can better handle a situation.  Positive behaviour and rising to expectations should also be discussed in the classroom.  What happens when “Johnny” has a rough day because his parents are divorcing and he is being bounced around from house to house?  Do we further knock him down by subtracting his meager points?  Please use technology in an active, positive, fun way in your classroom.  Use it to motivate, encourage, and include students.   Engage in conversations with your students and let them know that they are always respected even when their actions are corrected.  I don’t see the connecting or communicating aspects of the ClassDojo app.  I would pass on it.


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