University of Calgary STEM Community

I recently joined about fifty other interested people at the second meeting of the STEM Community formed within the University of Calgary.  The name implies two foundation ideas that infuse these educators’ thinking.  The interest in STEM comes from the need to educate a Canadian workforce to meet the jobs that are emerging in industry.  We need to educate university students today to meet the employer needs of tomorrow but also to educate our educators to prepare students as young as 5 to participate in a world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  The second word, “community,” is no less important.  As we introduced ourselves, it became obvious that our varied backgrounds made us a motley crew of specialties and interests.  This community, however, is united in its interest in making our programs and, therefore, our students, stand-outs among the larger university community.  The notion is new and exciting:  to come together and create something innovative and engaging to those generating new STEM possibilities and those experiencing the teaching outcomes of this unique group.  Keep your eye out for related STEM information, apps, websites and ways to integrate STEM teaching in your practice.


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