One Device or Many?

Do you have a laptop? Smartphone? Tablet? E-Reader? All of the above? Although our lives seem jam-packed with technology, I can’t imagine being without any of them.

In the same way, bringing the best of all technology into the classroom is a must.  Tablets full of creative and imaginative apps help students mind map, plan, and present information that becomes the foundation learning that leads to their creativity.  They are challenged then, to present information in a myriad of ways using apps that lend themselves to showcasing information.

Smartphones, in this day of BYOD, can provide a variety of ways to contact and remind students of their learning. Most Smartphones provide decent cameras to document learning and apps for chat spaces to collaborate with other students.

The trusty laptop seems to be a permanent fixture to any student no matter the age.  What is on your laptop? Answer: My Life! Laptops facilitate knowledge mining, mind mapping, writing, and documenting. It is a portfolio of all our learning.

We read books and magazines on our e-readers.  Back lit for reading in the dark.  We are taking a break with another screen in our hands.

Embrace these technologies. They will be in and out of the classroom and they will facilitate the creative learning of you and your students.  Each has their strengths and weaknesses and all are necessary in our classrooms.


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