Lifelong Learning and Technology

Lifelong learning is especially important when it comes to technology.  To know the basics of hardware set up and laptop or tablet use is one thing but technology changes faster than a speeding bullet.  In each classroom, a variety of approaches to learning with available technology is essential.  Use everything you know about to create a diverse and engaging learning environment. I am following two blogs that increase my awareness of what is out there.  One is and the other is  Lisa Nielson of the Innovative Educator advocates for cell phones in the classroom as a BYOD and Shannon M. Miller of the Library Voice has students experimenting consistently with new software that will challenge their curriculum learning.  She is not out to challenge their technology learning.  She is successfully embedding the technology in the curriculum.  Herein lies the challenge: making the learning engaging through technology not learning technology.  Are you with me?  If I wanted to find out where my own kids were I had to learn to text.  I learned to text only to get to the real information.  Continue your technology learning to create opportunities for students to learn and grow in knowledge.

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